Fresh Vision Dining

At The Timbers, we take tremendous pride in providing the highest quality meals to the residents. This starts with employees who take pride in preparing delicious meals which are not only appetizing, but tailored to the residents preferences. This is accomplished by having the residents provide constant feedback and a monthly Fresh Vision Dining meeting which asks the residents about the dining room experience, quality of meals, meal preferences, and overall satisfaction.

The Fresh Vision Dining Program is founded on the idea of redefining the norm of what one thinks traditional “nursing home food” is supposed to look and taste like. We try to locally source our meats and have partnered with food providers which maintain the same high standards we expect of ourselves.
Our food is real food, we do not adhere to the notion that shortcuts are acceptable and this is seen in all applications within our dining program. From scratch made soups, to braised meats, to proper knife skills, whole foods come through the back door, and enjoyable meals are presented to the residents. We understand not everyone will enjoy the main entrée, side dishes, or desserts on a daily basis, so an á la carte menu is available. The dynamic menu we offer ensures every resident has options when deciding what they would like to enjoy.